Website Audit Report

A SEO Audit ensures that your site is in line with SEO and conversions best practices and is configured to maximize your visibility in Google and increase the value of marketing initiatives.

We provide in-dept analysis report of your website. It’s normally a PDF Report with 10 to 20 pages.

In the report we mention all existing problems & recommendations to achieve ranking specially after Google Panda & Penguin algorithm update.

Who Need Website SEO Audit Report
Teams that are developing a new site or making significant changes to an existing site.

Teams whose web site is ranking poorly in the Search Engine results.

Applicable to either internal teams or consultants/third-party developers looking for quality assurance and validation of their site prior to deployment.

How Long It Will Take?
SEO Audits are conducted over 2 to 3 days with a staff of experts in conjunction with your team.
What Is Included??
Search24online execute the audit in partnership with the site’s owners and development team. Specific activities include:Establish keyword and target audience strategies.

Measure baseline search engine rankings and analytics.

Review Analytics installation, conversion tracking, current content architecture, content soloing, content strategy, grammatical and spelling errors.

Optimization of core modules to ensure alignment with SEO best practices.

Check on-page elements for the top 100 pages of the site.

Validate and correct CSS and HTML markup.

Provide SEO best practices for new content.

Following the audit, Search24online will provide an SEO Audit Report which recaps the tests and changes that were conducted along with an analysis of the results. The analysis includes any recommended updates to further improve SEO performance, using current search engine rankings as a benchmark to track improvements.

Why Do You Need A Website SEO Audit?
Search24online is engaged by a diverse array of development teams to help validate their work, and is a trusted source of quality assurance and SEO site certification.

Mitigate Risk of Missed Marketing Opportunities.

SEO audit exposes the underlying causes behind poor Search Engine ranking, providing optimization and proposing additional actions.

Reduce the Cost of Optimization.

SEO Audit reduces the cost and complexity caused by a trial-and-error approach or ad-hoc site fixes. The resulting report details any work needed to correct outstanding marketing issues. Recommendations are prioritized against site requirements, potential impact, and budgetary constraints.

Ensure Future Marketing Performance.

SEO audits are conducted with respect to both current and future requirements. Settings are optimized to ensure that your site will continue to perform beyond the future demands projected for your implementation.